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  1. An overrated meh: Vernor Vinge's True Names

Vernor Vinge's 1981 sci-fi novella has its own wikipedia page and a 3.9 rating on Goodreads.

A 2001 edition, updated in 2016, is a full volume containing three prefaces, 10 separate essays and articles on various topics from crypto anarchy to cyber security, and only then the novella itself.

And god is it boring.

In 1981 it was undoubtedly mind-blowing to most people at the time, but it's not good as a story. It's not even good as a vision of the future. The novella feels like an idea that struck the author at three in the morning, he jotted it down, and then sent off to the presses without fleshing it out.

As with many such books which are "visionary at the time", True Names is a historical curiosity, but is no longer worth reading.