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This was in the opening presentation.

You can safely say that was the last time you saw or heard Macintosh in the entire 1 hour and 50 minute-long presentation. In total Mac was mentioned at most a few times (even if we count the ambiguous “across all devices”) for a total of maybe 10 seconds.

The first time Mac was mentioned even in passing was 40 minutes in during Apple Arcade presentation. Apple Arcade was presented as “World’s first game subscription survice for mobile, desktop, and living room”. It was followed by a short film about games and game developers. There was no desktop game mentioned or shown in the entire video.

Thank god, we’ll be able to play games on Mac as well. “You can continue when you left off even if you switch devices.” So? Only iPhone/iPad games? No word or screenshot of the Mac App Store, only the iOS App Store.

Mac was on screen for a total of ~1s during Apple Arcade presentation.

The longest the Mac stayed on screen was to serve as a nice static background for Tim Cook as he was talking about something else.

Next was Apple TV. They kept repeating “on all your screens, on all your screens”. I’m guessing these are “all your screens”?

The presentation continued with “You saw the new Apple TV app on Apple TV 4k, it looks stunning on iPad, and of course is available on iPhone.” So, no hope?

You know, at the very least they give honorary Oscars or something to actors who are no longer starring, but need to be mentioned.

Oh. Look. They actually decided to bring the Apple TV app to the Mac. For the first time, this fall. Also, if I’m not mistaken, it’s the first time they mentioned Mac by name. At 1 hour mark.

And that was it. The first time was also the last time.

The rest was about Netflix wannabe sorry, Apple TV+.

That’s it for starring Macintosh.