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  1. Roadtrip-2023. Universeum: science museum in Gothenburg
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  3. Roadtrip 2023. Sweden's West Coast
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  6. Roadtrip 2023. Örebro.

A small and cozy aquarium/vivarium/aviary in Gothenburg. Too many people visit it though :)

Home to Sweden's largest, highest, and longest lock system. It consists of an 82-kilometer long canal with a total of 6 locks that connects Vänern(Sweden's largest and Europe's third largest lake) to Kattegat. The total rise is 44 meters. 4 locks with a rise of 32 meters are within the city limits.

It's also home to Olidan, Sweden's first large-scale hydroelectric powerplant

The locks:


Street art

The city


My joke is that in real life Fjällbacka looks like Italian and Greek towns wish they looked on postcards.

Even if the weather isn't that nice, Fjällbacka is still beautiful.

Vitlycke. World Heritage Rock Carvings

Some of the best preserved and well looked after rock carvings in the world. There's a huge 20-meter-long pano that I couldn't really take a photo of.

They are all about war, hunting, and male virility. What did you expect? :)

Just a "rock-carved" trashcan




Home to the "smiling church":

A small town on Sweden's West Coast.

Beautiful sunsets




The Church of Lysekil

Street art

Beautiful houses

City life

A pony?

Örebro is the home to the iconic perpetually surprised castle.

It's so iconic, that even trash bins are designed in its likeness:

Sisyphus The Liberator:


Modern conveniences?