Purely personal things. Not going to talk about the continuing shitshow that this year has been for the world.

Trying out new things


This year I discovered that climbing is an actual sport, and not something you enjoyed as a kid.

I climb indoors (and climbed my first 6A on the last day of the year)

But I did try climbing outdoors :) Scary and fun


I also discovered that they let anyone sign up for archery. So I did take a course, and I should start going there more regularly (and I know what to do for it).


Gothenburg — Hamburg — Malmö

In summer we had a trip during which we stayed in or visited: Örebro, Lysekil, Fjällbacka, Stenungsund, Gothenburg, Trollhättan, Hamburg, Kolding, Copenhagen, Malmö, Halmstad, Skanör, Trelleborg, Sweden's southernmost cape in Smygehuk, and Ystad.

To say it was a lot is an understatment. I still need to try and post pictures and notes from the trip.


A spontaneous fall trip to Brașov was an unexpected and a very pleasant surprise. Read about it here: Romania 2023.


Nothing that stands out this year.

However, I'm about to finish Ben Aaronvitch's Rivers of London series. It's not perfect, but it's a pleasant, light, humorous, and it makes my recommendations this year.


I can't even tel you what I watched this year except one TV series that stood out: Scavenger's Reign.

It could've been so much better than it is, but even so, it's a visually gorgeous and a rather compelling story filled with characters that feel human.

It started as this short film for Adult Swim. And while not as intense or surreal, it still worthy of taking a look.



Free by Florence and the Machine. Currently listening it on repeat.


Postmodern Jukebox

An absolute blast. As perfect as it gets. Only positive emotions. It's really hard to convey the feeling of happiness you get from them. If you like the covers they post on their Youtube channel, live concert is several orders of magnitude better.

This was the encore song of the evening after a two-hour long concert:

And even their drummer is amazing :)

Robbie Williams

Robbie is Robbie, and he's amazing.

First Aid Kit

I knew and liked them before they were cool :) And only now did I go and see them live. They are cool, and sound amazing.


I finally finished setting up the custom blog you're reading right now.

For those interested, it's Elixir with Phoenix Framework, Phoenix LiveView (for the admin part), Ash, Oban, Image and a slew of smaller libs.

Backed by Postgres.

Running on a Ubuntu VM inside a TrueNAS behind a Cloudflare tunnel.